Volume No. 4 Issue No. 1

March 2015


Impact of job engagement and team processes on organizational learning: examining moderating role of leadership style

Muhammad Abid Saleem, Najam us Saqib, and Sadaf Zahra

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Determination of small farmers’ poverty:   geographical prospective of selected areas in Faisalabad division

Hafiza Noreen Naz, Dr. Omar Riaz, and Muhammad Sirfraz

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Human capital as antecedent to foreign direct investment and globalization

Khaliq Ur Rehman, Muhammad Awais Balooch, and Haseeb Mustafa 

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Assessment of women’s awareness and symptoms in menopause: a study with reference to academic women in Sri Lanka

Shakila.P, Dr. P. Sridharan, and Dr. S. Thiyagarajan 

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A review of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and their impact on firm performance

Iqra Shaheen and Nadia Naseem

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Comparison of Islamic banking and conventional banking: an empirical review  

Muhammad Bilal and Sohail Abbas

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